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iso800 is een jong, enthousiast en creatief fotografen en videografen-collectief. Huwelijk, interieur, familie of zakelijk... You name it, we shoot it.

Giovanni & Jamie


Met iso800 heb je altijd een spontane, creatieve fotograaf en/of videograaf voor je huwelijk of zakelijke opdracht in Antwerpen en daarbuiten.

Giovanni & Jamie

crew iso800

Getting married wasn't a walk in the park for Giovanni and Jamie. And then, all the stars aligned and we did do a walk in a park. Great things have a tendency to happen anyway ;-). Their's is a love that transcends borders. What are the odds that a man from Izegem would meet a man from Toronto and find they are destined for eachother. Travelling the world together, they landed in beautiful Ghent and gathered everyone near (and not so near) and dear to their special day.