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iso800 is een jong, enthousiast en creatief fotografen en videografen-collectief. Huwelijk, interieur, familie of zakelijk... You name it, we shoot it.

Natalie & Tom


Met iso800 heb je altijd een spontane, creatieve fotograaf en/of videograaf voor je huwelijk of zakelijke opdracht in Antwerpen en daarbuiten.

Natalie & Tom

crew iso800

With a bang, not a whimper. That is how the wedding season of 2017 ended for iso800 thanks to Natalie and Tom.
Half a world's distance was not enough to keep these two from each other. And so on the 16th of December, Belgium and Singapore were united in the happy bride and groom under the loving gaze of visitors from all over the globe. There were laughter and tears and a whole load of selfies.
Natalie and Tom are not travel-shy and so they took us on a trip all the way from Leuven to the town of Maastricht and the imposing castle of Neercanne.
There, deep in the phenomenal caves, deep in a winter's night, a fiery party was ignited.
A bang. Not a whimper.
Ceremony: Leuven
Wedding Venue: Chateau Neercanne (
Hair: Maison Roger (
Wedding Planner: Art of Events