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iso800 is een jong, enthousiast en creatief fotografen en videografen-collectief. Huwelijk, interieur, familie of zakelijk... You name it, we shoot it.

Ina & Joris


Met iso800 heb je altijd een spontane, creatieve fotograaf en/of videograaf voor je huwelijk of zakelijke opdracht in Antwerpen en daarbuiten.

Ina & Joris

crew iso800

If I had to summarize the wedding of Ina & Joris, I can't think of a more fitting word. Also: POWERFUL. And EMOTIONAL. And BEAUTIFUL. Why would I even limit myself to one word.
Because the truth is, I was still sizzling with energy when I came home and feel that energy every time I look at their pictures. The greatest gift these two could give their wedding photographer was themselves. And they gave it in spades.
From all over the world, people traveled to tiny Linkeroever to witness the love of Ina & Joris with the beautiful Antwerp Skyline as a backdrop. We were not disappointed.

Venue: RYCB (Antwerp)
DJ: Earplosion
Church: Sint-Joris (Antwerp)